10 Benefits of Health Insurance

10 Benefits of Health Insurance

Posted on: 13/11/2018 2:55:00 PM

There are essential health benefits that all the health insurance plans should cover. They should have a comprehensive coverage in all the major health benefits plans. These mainly include as follows:

  1. Hospitalization: Hospitalization can lead to huge costs involved. The health insurance plan should cover the cost of hospitalization as well.

  2. Pediatric care & Plan: The health insurance must mainly cover the aspects of pediatric care like the oral care and the vision care.

  3. Lab test services: The health insurance plans should cover the benefits of the lab tests like any investigation for illnesses required through tests.

  4. Prescription drugs: The drugs prescribed should be covered at least in one category under the benefits of the insurance plans, which otherwise would cost huge on the pockets.

  5. Equipments for people with any discrepancies, injury etc: The health insurance plans should have coverage towards any devices which are required by the people who have any inquiries or any diseases. The major devices for many chronic diseases should be included in the health insurance plans.

  6. Covering mental health benefits as well as behavioral health treatments: The major health insurance plans should help towards treatment of substance use, disorder services that includes treatment for alcohol or any drug abuse also. There are lots of companies that are reluctant to pay for these services and should forward fidelity towards their treatment.

  7. Emergency Services: The health insurance plans must have a cover for the emergency services if any, or any booking for emergency room services.

  8. Ambulatory services like the outpatient services: Most of the health insurance plans have a cover towards these but also should be checked to deliver these as mandatory.

  9. Newborn & maternity services: These services are quite useful for the younger generations. The newborn & maternity care should be included in the health insurance benefits as a mandate.

  10. Preventive and chronic diseases treatment and wellness services: The health insurance plans should have a cover towards the frequent visits to clinic by pregnant women, and any assistance for the contraception that needs to be covered.

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