Best banks for SME Loans

Best banks for SME Loans

When getting a bank loan for your SME, there are many things to consider. Which bank offers the best interest rates? What are the requirements for getting an SME loan? How do I calculate my monthly payments?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. This article will discuss the best banks for SME loans and what you need to know before applying. We’ll also provide a helpful interest calculator so you can figure out exactly how much the monthly payments will be.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about finding the right bank loan for your SME.

What Is an SME Loan?

SME full form is Small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are the backbone of many economies. They account for a large percentage of total employment and contribute significantly to GDP.

But starting and running an SME can be difficult, especially regarding securing financing. That’s where SME loans come in. An SME loan is a type of financing specifically designed for small businesses. It can be used for several purposes, such as expanding operations, buying new equipment, or marketing your business.

Not all banks are created equal when it comes to SME loans. Some banks are better suited to offer loans to small and medium-sized businesses than others.

The Best Banks to Get the Best SME Loans?

If you’re looking for the best bank loan, you should check out Findestination’s affiliated banks. They offer a wide variety of loans tailor-made for SMEs and have competitive interest rates.

The followings are the Findestination’s affiliated banks:


Finedestination’s affiliated HDFC Bank SME loan can be used for business purposes such as working capital, business expansion, and purchasing machinery and equipment. The loan amount offered is based on the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the loan repayment is made through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). HDFC Bank offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options for SME loans.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s SME loan is affiliated with Findestination, providing financing solutions for SMEs in India. These loans provide financial support to businesses for various purposes such as working capital, expansion, equipment purchase, and more. Eligibility criteria for the loan include minimum annual turnover, years in business, and a good credit history. 

Axis Bank

Findestination’s Axis Bank SME loan is a financing option for small and medium-sized enterprises. The loan offers flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates to help small businesses grow and succeed. It is designed to meet the unique needs of SMEs to reach their goals. To apply, a business must have a minimum turnover and provide financial statements, tax returns, and other relevant documents to prove its financial stability.


This loan is provided by ICICI Bank, one of India’s largest private sector banks, in partnership with Findestination. It offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to help SMEs meet their financial needs and achieve their business goals. To be eligible for the loan, businesses must meet certain criteria ICICI Bank sets, such as a minimum turnover and a minimum credit score. ICICI Bank’s SME loan comes with flexible repayment options and attractive interest rates, making it an ideal choice for SMEs looking for financing.

Yes Bank

Finedestination is affiliated with Yes Bank to offer SME loans to its customers. The loan provides financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in India to help them grow and expand their operations. The loan features flexible repayment options, quick disbursals, and competitive interest rates. The loan amount can be availed for various purposes such as expansion, purchase of machinery, or for meeting day-to-day business expenses.

Apart from these, some more banks affiliated with Finedestination, including Standard Chartered, Ugro Capitals, Indudlnd bank, RBL bank, DCB bank, Bajaj Finserv, Poonawala Fincorp, Edelweiss, L&T Finance, DBS bank, Aditya Birla Finance, NeoGrowth, and more.

Their application process is quick and efficient, and they also provide a bank loan interest calculator that you can use to compare the best loan rates available.

How Do I Use a Bank Loan Interest Calculator?

A bank loan interest calculator is a valuable tool that can help to understand the costs of a loan, including how much interest we will pay. There are many different types of loan calculators available online, but most work in a similar way.

Here’s how to use a bank loan interest calculator:

  • Enter the amount of needed money
  • Enter the length of time over which you will repay the loan. This is usually measured in years.
  • Enter the interest rate on loan, which is expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Once entering all the information, press the “calculate” button to estimate the total amount of interest.

Look over the results to determine the payable interest over the life of the loan. 

Using a bank loan interest calculator is one of the key steps in finding the right bank loan for the SME. With Findestination, you can narrow your search and compare different banks based on their SME loan interest rates, tenures, processing fees, and other criteria—making it easier to select one that suits your needs and budget.


Use a bank loan interest calculator to get an idea of the monthly payments, and read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

If you’re unsure which bank is right for you, check out Findestination’s affiliated banks, which offer various loan options for SMEs.

The team at Findestination is also available via phone and email support. You can always call them if you have doubts or questions about the best bank options for an SME loan.

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