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Loan Against Property


Loan Against Property (LAP) is a perfect way to unlock the hidden value of your property. You can enjoy small perks of life that you have missed due to lack of funds. This is a multi-purpose loan that puts funds at your disposal to use whenever you need them. This loan can also be used to expand your business, use for education or plan your dream wedding.

Features & Our Assistance

Loan Against Property Types

Loan against existing property

You can avail loan against any of your existing property. This loan can be used for your personal use or business purposes as per your needs.

Commercial Property purchase Loan

If you are thinking of moving into a new office or business expansion, then this loan is for you. We provide loans for the purchase of commercial properties. We assist you in acquiring new commercial property to meet the requirements of your growing business. We also offer Industrial Property Purchase, Open Industrial Purchase loan. Now you can grow without any hassles.

Lease Rental Discounting

Lease Rental Discounting helps raise funds against the expected rentals of self-owned commercial property. The ROI starts from 6.9%.

Balance Transfer & Top Up

In this facility, you have a choice to transfer the outstanding balance of the loan availed from other banks. In addition, you can also increase the loan amount through a Top-Up Loan.


1. Submission of complete application form with photograph.
2. Submission of all required documents.
3. Internal verifications.
4. Personal interview with a bank official.
5. Sanction Letter issued by the bank subject to title clearance and property valuation.
6. Title clearance through our panel advocate.
7. Valuation of the property by a panel and inspection by a bank official.
8. Collection of pre-disbursement documents
9. Loan disbursement


Eligibility And Documents Required

Eligibility Criteria
Your eligibility largely depends on your repayment capacity as determined by Financial Institution. In addition, various factors like income, age, qualifications, number of dependants, spouse’s/Co-applicant income, assets, liabilities, savings history, stability, property value, and continuity of occupation are considered while computing your eligibility.
Documents Required
For Salaried
Duly filled application 
Identity ProofPan Card, Aadhar Card
Passport size photographs of all applicants
Address ProofElectricity bill
Latest form 16 and last 3-month salary slips
Last 6 months bank statement of salary account
Existing loans sanction letter/repayment track if any
Processing fee cheque

Sole proprietorship/ Partnership/ Pvt. Ltd Company

Duly filled application 
Identity ProofPan Card, Aadhar Card
Passport size photographs of all applicants
Business proof
Latest address proof/Business proof
Last 2 years income tax return of firm/ company
Last 12-month bank statement of main operating account of the firm
Audited financials
Certified copies of MOA /AOA / Partnership deed as applicable
Professional qualification certificate if applicable
Existing loans sanction letters/Repayment track record if any
Copy of property papers
Processing fee cheque


Salaried Individuals
Any individual can avail this loan who is in permanent service in any government undertaking or any reputed private sector company. We also offer loans to salaried Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) working with reputed companies in select countries. Professionals: Doctors, architects, chartered accountants, cost accountants, practicing company secretaries, management consultants, and lawyers. Self Employed: Individuals like traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers, etc.

Non-Individual Entities
Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited companies.

There are various options available under which we can offer you loans, i.e., income-based and surrogate income-based loans. We understand your business and can determine your loan eligibility accordingly. In Lease Rental Discounting, Your eligibility is computed based on the rentals that you receive against the property. Your EMI can be up to 70% of the gross rental income or 90% of the net rental income, whichever is lower.
The property you want to borrow will be kept as collateral security for the Loan. In Lease Rental Discounting, the tenant’s rent is payable directly into an escrow account with Financial Institution. The underlying leased property, commercial or residential property, will be taken as collateral. Only entirely constructed properties are eligible under this program.
Yes. There are no foreclosure charges for all individual borrowers in the case of floating rate loans. For all other borrowers, foreclosure Charges depend on the number of Installments Paid and Bank. It also depends on the type of Foreclosure, i.e., if you want to foreclose through your source of funds, then Foreclosure charges will be less, but you want to do a balance transfer, then foreclosure charges will be more. Foreclosure charges range from 0% to 5%.
Yes, banks generally provide the option of part prepayment. It varies from banks, and generally, it is up to 25% to 90% of the principal outstanding. All part prepayments made 12 months prior to the foreclosure of the loan will be charged at the applicable foreclosure rate at the time of foreclosure.