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Credit Score Counseling Services


Findestination prides itself on offering insightful credit counseling services in a bid to address your financial concerns and help you live a stress-free and financially healthy life. We acquaint you with highly-skilled credit experts that possess the knowledge and experience needed to help you improve your credit profile and score.

Our Credit experts understand how detrimental a low credit score can be. They can prevent you from qualifying for a credit card or loan you desperately need. As such, they work closely with you to identify and fix inaccuracies/errors in your credit reports. You can rest assured that a dedicated credit expert will provide you with the ideal solutions to all your credit-related issues.

Our experts offer the best tips to help you improve your credit score and thus help secure loans instantly without a hassle.

What We Do

Credit Health Improvement
The dedicated credit expert we assign to you, will thoroughly analyze your credit reports, fix inaccuracies if any, and provide you with the best tips to improve your credit score for easy loan and credit card approvals.
Credit Monitoring
Stay on top of your extensive credit history as our dedicated credit experts constantly monitor your credit reports to notify you of any unusual changes in your score, thus helping you take remedial actions just in time to avoid losses.

Features & Our Assistance

Hiring a credit score counselor from Findestination will help you enjoy the following benefits.


A credit score serves as an indicator of a person’s ability to repay his or her debt. These scores are usually expressed as a number that is influenced by a person’s credit and debt history across different types of loans and credit institutions.
Credit scores are extremely important and are referred by banks and other credit institutions to analyze the risks involved in lending money to a particular customer. To put it simply, credit scores help institutions like banks avert possible losses due to bad debts.
Findestination will acquaint you with a personalized credit expert that will be in charge of monitoring your credit reports and providing you with tips, solutions, or advice to improve your credit scores significantly, thus helping you lead a debt-free and financially healthy life.